Chocolate. A delicious Swiss tradition. Initially a bitter and liquid for the Mayas, it then turned sweeter and sweeter for European aristocrats.  In the 19th century, still sweet, it became solid. Finally it could be blent with Swiss mountain milk – but only after milk was skillfully converted into powder. Cacao, sugar, milk powder and a formidable Swiss know-how created one of our most delicious traditions.

Sisao Chocolate pursues this quest for flavors, considering today’s interests.  A Swiss chocolate harmonious and rounded yet freed from lactose and abundantly added sugar.  Dark, milk and white chocolates, smooth and subtle:  it will delight both those searching for new flavors and those enjoying the lightness of a lactose-free product without added sugar. Sisao perpetuates the unfolding of our beloved chocolate with Swiss quality and tradition.

Sisao team


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